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Africa Frolic Bags

Africa Frolic carries bags by Ashanti Design. Every bag is colorful, one-of-a-kind,
and eco-friendly. Find one that best suits you or a friend.



Makulu Bag

An everyday kind of bag, the Makulu is made with 100% recycled cotton and is perfect for any occasion.

Taba Tote

The Taba Tote is a sturdy, colorful bag that's ideal for running errands or hitting the supermarket in style.

Weekender Bag

Whether it's a two-day or ten-day getaway, the Weekender is a vibrant getaway bag that turns heads and is up to the task.

Yoga Bag

Store your mat and extra set of clothes in the Ashanti Design Yoga Bag, and arrive to the studio with some extra pep in your step.

Zuzu Banana Bag

This bag has an adjustable cloth strap and is, well, shaped like a banana. 

Shika Purse

The Shika Purse is a small, upcycled zip purse that holds all your essentials. 

Toiletry Bag

Store your bathroom essentials in this one-of-a-kind toiletry bag. Ashanti Design helps you bring a piece of South Africa with you on your travels.

Stabi Clutch

A small, colorful clutch that's easy to carry. The colors and patterns Ashanti Design uses in the Stabi Clutch make it unlike any other.

Sotsi Purse

The Sotsi is a stylish, small size purse that's perfect for when you only need the essentials while you're out on the town.


Makosa Purse

The Makosa is a medium-size purse that's eco-friendly, 100% upcycled, and catches eyes no matter the occasion.


Looking for something else?

Africa Frolic carries a whole selection of designer bean bags, pillows, furniture, and home accessories.