Zuzu Banana Bag by Ashanti Design

Copy of Ashanti Design Zuzu Banana Bag
Copy of Ashanti Zuzu Banana Bag
Copy of Ashanti Design Zuzu Banana Bag
Copy of Ashanti Zuzu Banana Bag

Zuzu Banana Bag by Ashanti Design


The Ashanti Design Zuzu Banana bag has unique, inimitable thumbprint. Handcrafted on the loom in South Africa by our skilled artists, every bag has a unique color pattern created by feeling the moment. The mix of vibrant colors brings the best of contemporary South African style.

The Ashanti Design Zuzu Banana bag has adjustable strap which makes for comfortable strolls to everyday errands. Ashanti bags are part of a new upcycling movement. These eco-friendly bags are made of recyclable cotton which contributes to upcycling process by reducing final waste.

Note: We understand that bag colors are super important; we'll try our best to fill your order with a bag that has the color you request, but we cannot promise to fill it.

Zuzu Banana Specifications:

Size: 17.71" (W) x 15.74" (H)
Material: Cotton & Cotton Mix.

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Handcrafted African Fabric

The fabric of Ashanti Design's eco-friendly bags is made by an upcycling process that reduces final waste which would otherwise go to waste lands. Ashanti cloth is woven in Madagascar, where cast-off cotton fabric is turned into high-end textiles on African hardwood Hugh looms. 

Ashanti Design Zuzu Banana bags are always one-of-a-kind since the upcycled fabric is consistently different. Ashanti Design bags are designed and handmade in South Africa, providing income for rural villages in Africa while empowering people along the way.

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Ashanti Design captures the vibrant, distinct aesthetic of the African sub-continent, and our sales directly contribute to this culturally rich area. Community, it’s something that no matter where you go, you bring a piece of it along with you — and the heart of ours lies in South Africa.


We’re 100% focused on quality over quantity, it’s absolutely paramount to us. Ashanti Design bags bought from our website meet our quality requirement; we’re not to be responsible for any fake Ashanti Design products from other retailers.


We want to make sure that production leaves little-to-no carbon footprint; any purchase of any product from Africa Frolic is made 100% guilt-free, including this organic, Ashanti Design Zuzu Banana bag.

Part of the Africa Frolic Family

We have a fabulous selection of colorful, upcycled bean bags, pillows, benches, doorstops, and other accessories. All products featured on Africa Frolic are curated with the intent of bringing more exposure to the culture and style of South Africa. Ashanti Design represents the best of contemporary African design. Add comfort and style to your home with Ashanti Design products; discover more from them in the categories listed below.

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